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Cookies provide us the way to track information about visitors who access our website 24 Hour Loans. We provide loan matching services and we use cookies to identify preferences of the user. When you use our website, you accept our cookie policy. So, it is important that you must know what is a cookie, why we use cookies are and how cookies can be controlled. You will get all the information related to cookies in this particular column.

A cookie carries little packets of data and is stored as small files in the cookies directory of user's computer hard drive. Web server creates these files when the web browser requests a web page. Cookies are exclusive for a particular browser. Anonymous information like unique identifier, site name and some digits and numbers is gathered by cookies.

Your identity remains anonymous to cookies. When you click on our website, cookies ask for your permission. These small files help us to recognize you when next time you visit our website. If cookies are not enabled at our website then we will treat you as new visitor every time you use our website.

Information related to your browsing is collected by cookies. Cookies help us in upgrading our services as per your preferences. Assessing the information saved by cookies, we find out details like the number of people visited our website, the number of people who have shown interest in our services, access time of the user, browser type and language, IP address, most viewed pages of the website etc

Cookies let us use web analytics to find out how our website 24 Hour Loans is used. These data files are required for enhancing the interaction between user and the website. Cookies boost the processing speed of the website. We formulate strategies for various marketing activities. We use cookies to find out whether our strategies are successful or not.

Information obtained from cookies helps 24 Hour Loans in improving the website offering so that user can have best browsing experience at our website. However, if you would prefer not to use cookies then you are free to opt out of cookies. This you can do by changing the browser settings.

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