1. What services are provided by 24 Hour Loans?

We are a loan comparison service provider. Our website is linked with a panel of efficient and potential lenders who can provide finances to borrowers like you. Through us, you can compare loan rates without any hassle. Our services can be accessed round the clock. You can reach us at any time.

2. Are you a direct lender?

24 Hour Loans is a loan comparison site, operating in and around Australia. We collect few details from you and provide free loan matching services. We are associated with a trusted panel of lenders. We don't take part in credit decisions. We intend to find suitable loan deal which matches your requirements.

3. How can I get started here with you?

You can avail our services once you get yourself registered at our website. Online registration is completely free. Provide valid details in the online registration form and send it to us. After some time, we will let you know about your registration status.

4. How much does it cost me to use your services?

There is no cost to use our services. We don't charge application and processing fees. You can browse through our website without paying us anything.

5. What are the pre-conditions that I need to fulfill in order to qualify?

To be accepted by lenders, your age should not be less than 18 years, you should be a citizen of Australia, should have an active checking account and should earn stable monthly income.

6. Is it possible to qualify for loans with credit tags?

You can access our services irrespective of your credit status. We provide loan matching services and there is no need for us to check your credit background. But lenders we work with are keen on verifying past credit scores. Lender will consider your financial condition, repayment ability and credit ratings at the time of taking decision about approval.

7. How much time will you take to respond?

You don't have to wait for long. Once we process your information, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

8. What if I need additional information?

For additional information, you can contact us via the online contact form. You can send your query using this online form.

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