Privacy Policy

This is the privacy statement of 24 Hour Loans. We are highly concerned about confidentiality of details that you share with us. Our privacy policy describes how we collect, share and disclose your personal information. We encourage you to read this column cautiously so that you can have a better understanding of our privacy practices.

At 24 Hour Loans, you submit few details with us at the time of registering for our services. By providing details to us, you are authorizing us to use your details to match loan offers for you. We believe that you access our website and its services after thoroughly reviewing our privacy policy. So, when you browse our website, you express consent to accept our privacy statement.

If you are not willing to accept our privacy policy, then we would advise you to leave the website. We don't ask for your identity if you are browsing through our website for informational purpose. Being an anonymous user, you can access limited information from our website. But if you look forward to make the most out of our services, then you need to register at our website. For registration, submit some personal details like name, email-id, telephone number, physical address, social security number, date of birth, employment details, citizenship status etc. We process your personal details and confirm few facts about you. We use information provided by you for loan finding purpose and to contact you whenever required. You may rest assured that we will never sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party sites.

We collect some non personal information about you during your stay at our website. So, when you pay visit to our website, you send us details like IP address, access time, browser type and language, site preferences, referral sites, pages accessed by you from our website, other website which you access later etc. Although these details are obtained indirectly from you but these details are important for us to make desirable changes in our website. In short, these details assist us in serving you better.

The safety software that we use at our website 24 Hour Loans does not let any unwarranted access by third party sites. For complete protection, your personal information is kept in safe servers. We make sure encrypted data should be transmitted between you and website. Unfortunately, despite all these efforts, it is not possible for us to ensure that online access is completely safe. You should be extra careful when you submit details to other sites.

Third party sites which advertise through our website are not controlled by our privacy policy. These sites follow their terms and policies which are totally different from ours. You may refer these sites for added information. But if you want to access their services then make sure you read their privacy policy carefully.

Like other websites, we also use cookies to provide increased functionality to our users. Cookies are safe to use and take up much less space in your computer as these are small files. Cookies assist our website to understand your likes and dislikes. If you don't like cookies, then you can disable them by changing the browser setting.

We modify and update our privacy policy from time to time. Get latest updates about our website by visiting us regularly.